Suki Hana

While once considered exotic, Japanese food has become very popular in the America. Suki Hana brings the best of the Japanese cuisine to mall food courts, and at a fraction of the price most Japanese restaurants charge. Our delicious teriyaki dishes are cooked fresh to order on our teppanyaki grill, right in front of our guests. We also serve light and crispy tempura and fresh made sushi. Our most popular dish is the chicken teriyaki which is made with our own slow cooked, home made teriyaki sauce.

IRMG added Suki Hana as its second concept when it opened its first unit in the Highland Mall in Austin, Texas. Suki Hana became a growth vehicle that allowed IRMG to enter shopping centers that already had a Chinese restaurant. IRMG even added Suki Hana restaurants in shopping centers that already had a Yeung’s Lotus Express. Suki Hana quickly became a favorite of customers since the food was always cooked fresh in front of them. There are now over 25 Suki Hana restaurants currently in operation.

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Japanese food, like American food, is actually a fusion of different cuisines and incorporates ingredients from several different countries. The Yayoi, a migrating tribe that settled in Japan, picked up rice growing techniques from Korea. Today, Rice is server with every meal. In fact, the word gohan means both rice and meal. The Chinese contributed soy sauce, tea, and chopsticks. In the 16th Century, fried foods were introduced by Portuguese and Dutch traders. Since Japan is composed of four main islands, fish and seafood were always a large part of the Japanese diet. The fusion of these elements has become the Japanese food we see today.

Concept Type: Japanese

Signature Dishes: Chicken Teriyaki, Steak Teriyaki, Shrimp Teriyaki, Tempura, and Sushi

Suki Hana is franchised by International Restaurant Management Group, Inc.