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Founded in 1987, International Restaurant Management Group (IRMG) quickly became a leader in the quick serve restaurant industry with its unique and exciting restaurant concepts. The company has developed several successful brands including Kelly’s Cajun Grill, Yeung’s Lotus Express, Suki Hana, Chicken Connection, Latin Grill, Tango Grill, Cilantro Fresh Mex and Gusto’s Pizza and Subs. IRMG has made an enduring mark on the industry with its excellent track record and accomplishments.

IRMG currently operates over 200 restaurants in 29 states and 7 countries as company stores, franchises, and partnerships. IRMG has earned its reputation through attention to detail and high quality. Our commitment to customer satisfaction and our delicious food keep customers coming back time and time again. Kelly’s Cajun Grill is franchised by Kelly’s Cajun Grill Franchise Corporation; Yeung’s Lotus Express is franchised by Yeung’s Lotus Express Franchise Corp.; and Suki Hana & Chicken Connection are franchised by International Restaurant Management Group, Inc.

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At IRMG, we truly believe that your success is our success. This is one of the company’s core principles and what guides our business practices. The company waited almost ten years after opening its first restaurant to begin franchising despite strong demand to share in the company’s success. The company held off franchising until it could properly develop the systems and procedures necessary to maximize franchisees’ chances for success and to protect the reputation of our brands. We understand that our franchisees are investing their hard earned money and we do everything we can to ensure their success. While some companies begin franchising after opening just a few units, we have the experience and concepts that have been proven over the years.

About IRMG

International Restaurant Management Group (IRMG) is a company that is affiliated with over 200 restaurants around the world. The company has developed several unique food concepts such as Kelly’s Cajun Grill, Yeung’s Lotus Express, Suki Hana, and Chicken Connection.

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