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  • At IRMG, we truly believe that your success is our success. This is one of the company’s core principles and what guides our business practices. The company waited almost ten years after opening its first restaurant to begin franchising despite strong demand to share in the company’s success. The company held off franchising until it could properly develop the systems and procedures necessary to maximize franchisees’ chances for success and to protect the reputation of our brands. We understand that our franchisees are investing their hard earned money and we do everything we can to ensure their success. While some companies begin franchising after opening just a few units, we have the experience and concepts that have been proven over the years.
  • Training and Support: IRMG has a very experienced management team with many years of restaurant experience. The company believes that proper training is the key to good restaurant operations and ensuring that the restaurant follows all operating standards and procedures. Training is conducted in certified training restaurants with out experienced trainers. After completion of the training program, an opening team works the franchisee at the actual restaurant to ensure a smooth and successful restaurant opening. Our support teams revisit the restaurants on a regular basis to retrain as necessary and to conduct quality control audits. The results of these audits are shared with the store manager with recommendation on how to improve.
  • Streamlined Operations: IRMG has spent many years refining and improving upon its operations to develop the most efficient and profitable restaurants. The restaurants and procedures are designed to simplify operations in order to maximize labor efficiency. The company only uses reputable equipment manufacturers that have been tested and proven in our own restaurants first. This ensures that the equipment will be highly reliable and produce consistent food.
  • Site Selection and Negotiation: International Restaurant Management Group uses industry leading mapping and site-selection strategies to help identify trade areas for new locations. The company has an excellent reputation with many leading shopping center developers including Simon, Taubman, Westfield, and General Growth Properties. This allows the company to get into many exclusive projects that other companies are not considered for. The company also uses a nationally known leasing consultant to get the best possible lease contracts. One of the main reasons the company has developed an excellent reputation with shopping centers is our integrity and the quality of operations they have come to expect over the years. We treat shopping centers developers as partners since we depend on them to bring in the shopping traffic and they depend on the merchants to keep customers coming back.
  • Distribution: The distribution chain for a restaurant chain is critical for ensuring the quality and consistency of our products. We have developed strong, long-term relationships with several different companies in order to service all of our restaurants nation-wide while minimizing costs and maximizing profits. We have national contracts with manufacturers to ensure consistent products and stable supply chains.
  • Marketing: IRMG has developed effective marketing practices using its many years of experience in the competitive restaurant industry. Since our restaurants are spread out geographically, our marketing department must be highly flexible to meet the challenges each restaurant faces. While the marketing team often works with the shopping centers promotions department, the company’s main marketing strategy is sampling its signature products to guests. This allows our guests to try before they buy and to compare our product quality with our competitors. The company also creates attractive banners to promote specials and new items and frequent dining cards to bring back guests time and time again.
  • Multiple Brands: IRMG is one of the few quick service restaurant companies that successfully operate several brands. This has allowed the company to open co-branded units which allow for greater economies of scale while reducing operating costs and overhead. Having multiple brands also allows the company to enter desirable shopping centers that already have competitors filling certain concepts.

Kelly’s Cajun Grill is franchised by Kelly’s Cajun Grill Franchise Corporation; Yeung’s Lotus Express is franchised by Yeung’s Lotus Express Franchise Corporation; Suki Hana & Chicken Connection are franchised by International Restaurant Management Group, Inc.

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