Kelly’s Cajun Grill

In 1991, Kelly’s Cajun Grill became the “Home of the Original Bourbon Chicken” when it opened its first restaurant in the Sawgrass Mills Mall in Sunrise, Florida. The delicious food and innovative concept fueled the company’s rapid expansion, even surpassing all of IRMG’s other concepts combined. Kelly’s Cajun Grill is a proven concept with an excellent track record. Kelly’s Cajun Grill typically rank as one of the top performing restaurants in mall food courts, even when compared against pizza, Chinese, and burger concepts. The operations are very streamlined and the restaurants are capable of producing very high sales volumes with a very limited amount of space. There are currently 68 Kelly’s Cajun Grill restaurants, operating as company owned restaurants, partnerships, and franchises. Our world famous Bourbon Chicken is a delicious yet healthy dish made with fresh grilled chicken and our own special blend of sauces and seasonings. Other favorites include Blackened Chicken, Blackened Fish, Shrimp Etouffee, Cajun Spicy Chicken, as well as a variety of delicious side dishes.

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Cajun Food is known as one of the hottest concepts in the quick service industry, and not just for the bold and spicy flavors.  The unique menu at Kelly’s Cajun Grill is based on a very old cooking style that originated in Southern France, more than 200 years ago.  The emigrants traveled to Nova Scotia and eventually made their way down to Louisiana, adding ingredients and spices to their cuisine.  For many years, it remained the specialty of the Louisiana Bayou country until the rest of the world discovered it.

Although Cajun cooking is famous for it bold, spicy flavors, Kelly’s Cajun Grill has a wide variety of food to satisfy everyone.

Concept Type: Cajun

Signature Dish: Bourbon Chicken

Kelly’s Cajun Grill is franchised by Kelly’s Cajun Grill Franchise Corporation.