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Tango Grill

Tango Argentinean food has become very popular in the past few years and once you try it, it’s obvious why. Argentina’s cuisine is influenced by the cuisines of Spain, Italy, and France. Despite sharing similarities with European cuisines, Argentinean food is best known for its grilled meats. Argentina is known world wide for the quality of its beef, which is grass fed on open plains of the pampas. Argentineans live life to its fullest and they live to eat rather than eating to live.

Tango Grill has taken the best of Argentinean cuisine and adapted it to a restaurant concept that is both convenient and affordable. Our attractive restaurants prominently feature the grill in the front so customers can watch their meals being cooked to perfection. We specialize in juicy New York strips, tender Churrascos, tasty Chorizo and Morcilla sausages, and fresh grilled chicken breasts. We also serve flaky empanadas, crispy chicken and beef milanesa, and barbeque chicken.

Tango-Grill1Tango Grill

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