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Chicken Connection

Mexican-ChopChicken Connection was created as a delicious and healthy alternative to typical fast food. While many fast food restaurants are seen as unhealthy, Chicken Connection offers fresh grilled chicken and healthy side dishes. Our tender, juicy chicken is marinated our special blend of herbs and seasonings, then slow grilled to perfection. In fact many of our restaurants prominently feature the grill right in front so customers can see their chicken being freshly cooked. One of our most popular dishes is the Grilled Chicken Chop. This is made by topping fluffy yellow or white rice with crisp lettuce and diced tomatoes and freshly grilled chicken breast. We also offer juicy Rotisserie Chicken, crispy Fried Chicken, delicious BBQ Chicken, hearty Chicken Sandwiches, and fresh Chicken Salads.

Chicken Connection opened its first location in the Great Lakes Crossing Mall in Auburn Hills, MI. There is a very strong demand for chicken concepts with shopping center developers. In fact, Chicken consumption has risen steadily in the United States and current estimates put the per capita consumption of chicken at almost 90 pounds per person according to Meanwhile, the per capita consumption of beef has declined to just over 65 pounds according to The Cattle Network. This focus on healthier eating and today’s busy lifestyles give Chicken Connection an excellent growth potential.

Concept: Chicken

Signature Dish: Chicken Chop

Chicken Connection is franchised by International Restaurant Management Group, Inc.

Chicken Connection

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